Hrushikesh Water Sciences Pvt Ltd.



While entering into the New millennium, we are struggling with our limited resources & growing demands. Water is one of the precious and indispensable sources for the earth.

The scientific way to honor this precious resource stands in following:

  • Identification of the Quality & Quantity requirement
  • Suitable Treatment of Water
  • Most appropriate selection of equipments
  • Identification of the required level of automation
  • Optimum utilization of waste water by Recycling

This is popularly known as TOTAL WATER MANAGEMENT. We at Hrushikesh Water Sciences are geared to assist you to make it easier.


Started in 1995, Hrushikesh Water Sciences Pvt. Ltd. has developed into a leading turnkey process engineering company specializing in purified water systems.

We provide water treatment solutions to major types of industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, power, engineering, electronics, paper and others.

We currently provide following range of Water Treatment products

We have highly experienced & competent engineering staff. We plan and control projects using latest computer software. We have in-house design capabilities in the field of process design, piping design, electrical & instrumentation design. We have a dedicated vendor base to carry out fabrication, erection, automation work. We under take turnkey projects including mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control.

We always ensure that projects are completed within the specified parameters of time, cost & engineering standards.

We are a service-oriented company & our employees are always eager to provide best services to the client.