Water is the precious and indespensible source on the earth.Day by day th availability of water is becoming less and less due to rapid urbanisation and increasing population.Majority of the water sources are contaminated due to urbanisation and industrialisation. To get good quality and continious supply of water from municipal authoroties is becoming more and more difficult.


we at Hrushikesh water sciences provide a treatment plants for drinking purpose, domestic use, rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment and recycling.

We give the Total water management solutions for the housing colonies. By which water consumption can be reduced upto 50% by recycling of water. Water recycling plant cost and its associated plumbing cost can be recovered within 2 years, by way of reduced consumption and there will be saving upto approximately Rs.85000 for a housing colony of 100 families(cost of water is Rs.6.50/1000ltr.)

Water recycling will reduce the cost of living for the housing colonies at the same time they will be doing service for the community by making that much water available for others.


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